About us

THAICHIN Health Care is a therapy centre, dedicated to providing cutting edge therapy techniques and personalized, one-on-one care programs. Since 2006, THAICHIN has distinguished itself. Our goal is to develop customized rehabilitation programs that get you back to life and work. We have state of the art, hands-on techniques and bespoke exercise programs delivered by highly trained, compassionate therapists. We focus on getting RESULTS!


Who we are!

Acupressure & Physical Therapy, THAICHIN Health Care provides patients with a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan to accommodate individual requirements after an illness, acute, sub-acute or chronic injury, surgery, or chronic pain.The staff at the Centre displays a professional and caring attitude.

We believe in “Hands on” quality patient care and comprehensive patient education. we have over 10 years of Physical Therapy & Acupressure experience to guide you down the path of complete rehabilitation.


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